With many years of experience, Shuba and Chi(Sharon and Gary)  of Accelerated Awakenings, have been facilitating profound Intuitive healings, readings, workshops, and retreats designed to awaken self-awareness and accelerate uplifting change in your life. They have been working together full time since 2001.

We invite you to join us and make a positive commitment to your personal growth and to a happier, healthier, more prosperous life.



Shuba Morris- Shaman/Medium

Shuba(Sharon)  is an experienced Healer, Medium and teacher. She blends her empathic and intuitive healing skills with an innate Shamanic merging ability. Shuba gets her logical mind out of the way and surrenders to Spirit which guides her moment by moment.She is Clairaudient,Clairsentient and Clairvoyant. These talents, together with her training in Energy Psychology and various Energy Healing Therapies support a powerful energetic awakening process.

Shuba’s background in Speech Communications ensures a clear, easy to follow presentation geared toward people of all levels of experience. Her holistic training has been in Angelic Healing, Hands On Healing, Energy Psychology, TAP Energy Work, BSFF (Be Set Free Fast), Usui Reiki Healing, Onitah energy therapy, soul retrievals Chakra balancing and Mediumship. Her inate gift and Healing modality spontaneously arrived from her own spirit as she allowed herself to be a channel for the divine.    She continues to purify and process regularly to unearth her tendencies so that she may merge fully with the oneness and be of service to those who are in need. Shuba has a child like innocence and exuberance which allow for spontanaity, wonder and purity of heart.


Chidambaran (Gary) Morris

Chi brings his many years of training and experience in Spiritual Exercises, Human Energy Systems, Sound Therapy, Energy Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Healing to service to each session or workshop.

Through his healing gifts and years of corporate experience he is uniquely qualified to educate, guide and impact a high frequency personal transformation on all levels of your being. His holistic training is in Usui Reiki, Seichem Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Quantum Touch, Advanced Quantum Touch, Hypnotherapy, Sound Therapy, Polarity Therapy and various meditation techniques.


Retreat Facilitator


Vrinda (Teresa) Brewster

Vrinda has trained with Shuba & Chi for over 10 years. Her background training includes Usui Reiki Master, Reconnection Healing and certification as an Angel Therapy Practitioner. She also offers Past Life Regressions.  She is skilled in the Accelerated Awakening Technique and empathically empowers those that she works with! Vrinda has qualified and works as a Facilitator for Accelerated Awakenings Classes, Healing Intensives and Awakening Retreats. She has a healing practice that services the greater Seattle area. Her healing space is located in Poulsbo, Washington. 360-620-2356


Mission Statement

Accelerated Awakenings mission is to accelerate the evolutionary process of clearing your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual essences.

“A creative source which assists you in opening your Heart to Love, your Mind to Oneness & your Vibration to Light”