Awakening the Self I Intensive Retreat

Awakening the Self I Intensive Retreat

Activate Your Knowing & Self-Healing Abilities in a Safe, Intimate Intensive.

This workshop is experiential and is designed to immerse you in a high vibration for the weekend, unlocking your own intuitive abilities and accessing your innate knowledge. We harmoniously unite the heart, the higher mind and the body in creating a clear channel for true self-expression.

The Awakened Self Intensive Retreat offers:

  • Activation of self-healing abilities.
  • Deep healing from an expansive and higher self.
  • Awakening your unique gifts.
  • Exercises to maintain a high energy.
  • Methods for creating and sustaining life balance.
  • Increased consciousness, clarity and presence.
  • remembering the art of surrender

Join Shuba & Chidambaran in an empowering experience of illuminating the magnificence of our True Self and Awakening the latent Spiritual gifts that enhance our everyday life!

Time  (See calendar.)

Location  (See calendar.)

Tuition $2200 includes retreat, lodging & meals. Reserve your place with a $600 deposit. Price may vary due to cost of lodging and your accommodation preferences. Intimate class size, limited to 9 participants.

“Shuba and Chidambaran are teachers and healers of the highest integrity who possess gifts to facilitate critical growth in those who are awakening to their own power.”

— D.S., Newberg, OR


To reserve your place call Shuba & Chidambaran at 503-801-4019.