Awakening Your Heart

Awakening Your Heart

An experiential workshop that will open you to the subtle energies of your heart, expand your experience of intimacy and exercise your heart-centered intuitive abilities. This process encourages you to go inward becoming aware of the protective layers of your heart. You will be assisted in releasing stuck energy, strengthening your empathic self and allowing your heart to open and Blossom. Learning techniques where you can continue the process.

high-energy activation and transformation! Experience a Personal Heart-Opening Activation, energy exercises and  awaken to your empathic compassionate self

More Vitality and Empowerment

Time  2-3 Hours

Location  TBA  (See calendar.)

Tuition $40-$60

Groups of 8 or more interested in hosting this workshop or our other offerings please contact us for more information and availability.


To reserve your place or schedule a class email us at or call or text Shuba & Chidambaran at 503-801-4019