Awakening Your Body Wisdom

Awakening Your Body Wisdom

Join Shuba & Chidambaran for a time of Inner Reflection and Transformational Expression! In this 2-3 hour workshop that will help you to experience an inner journey of rediscovery that will re-awaken you to your body’s Inner Wisdom and begin to strengthen your relationship with your Inner Healer!

You will be exercising inner faculties to reacquaint you with the relationship of body with feelings & emotions, pain & Illness. You will also see the energetic relationship of illness to emotional trauma and be given exercises to release yourself from this cycle.

Potential benefits include:

  • Awaken an inner awareness of self and body communication
  • Release stuck energy and emotions in the body
  • Find a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace
  • Raise your energy level and vitality

Time  2-3 Hour Workshop

Location  TBD  (See calendar.)

Tuition  Pre-Register discount- $80, Day of Event- $100


“I made the connection between my physical pain and what was going on in my life. I now know how to deal with my pain.”

— D.L., Lincoln City, OR

Groups of 8 or more interested in hosting this workshop or our other classes please contact us for more information and availability. Please call to see which class is best for your group.


To reserve your place call Shuba & Chidambaran at 503-801-4019.