India 2017

Spring Awakenings

Our time in India is coming to an end.  We both feel invigorated and cleansed from our extended time with Amma,  She illuminates and eliminates many of our tendencies that no longer serve us, while bringing out more of our light at the same time. We had an incredibly full four months here at the Ashram.  We participated in the Christmas play once again which took much or our attention in the month of December.  The production was the Prodigal Son parable.  We danced and enjoyed acting and freely expressing ourselves. We shared our Heart Opening workshop on New Years Eve here at the ashram.  It was so thrilling to work on people from all over the world sharing the language of the heart. Amritapuri (the ashram) is feeling more like home every visit.  Living in a large community where activities and purpose are shared feels so rewarding.The structure supports our spiritual practices and healing,  It feels like community living is a very balanced way to live  We were fortunate to go on three Indian tours with Amma as she visited her children all over India. We are becoming accustomed to the large crowds, cues (long lines), heat and austerities (uncomfortable situations).  We are definitely learning how little one really needs. I do bring my feather pillow wherever I go as some things are just a necessity. I am actually starting to like sharing a room with other women with just a mat as my own personal space. The camaraderie and group living feels comforting at times. It is interesting rooming with women of different ages and nationalities. Chi is finding shared space with the men beneficial for growth also.  While traveling we get to experience both the Indian city and country settings which are quite contrasting. The villagers are so pure and innocent. I feel we are both becoming more world citizens with friends as family all over the world. The work on ourselves here has not been easy, but the results are palpable. Feeling blessed to have the healing tools to move through things quickly.  We are ready to share the gifts we have received with all of you.
We will be going to Singapore next week offering sessions there on April 5th and 6th.  If you have any friends that live there, we have a few openings left just message us. We will be headed to Australia after Singapore.  My son Michael will be meeting us in Melbourne and my other son, Parker will catch up with us  late April on the Gold Coast.
We will also be doing two Awakening your Heart workshops in Brisbane and The Sunshine Coast.  We are offering the workshop in Brisbane on the 19th with private personal sessions on the 20th.  The class will be held on 30th of April on the Sunshine Coast.
We are headed back to the United States early May.
We are offering Readings or Healing Sessions in Portland at Ayurveda Plus Rejuvenation Center, 3609 SW Corbett Ave May 16-18th. Contact us for opportunities by Emailing us at
We will also be at the Oregon Coast doing Readings & Healing Sessions on May 19th at the Crystal Wizard in Gleneden Beach, Oregon.  Call the Crystal Wizard at 541-764-7550 to schedule.
For all of our Northern California/Humboldt county area friends we will be offering Readings or Healing Sessions in Arcata, California May 20th to 22nd. The spots fill up fast, so be sure to email us to get on the schedule and find out the location.

Life is constantly changing… Stay positive, grounded, connected with your heart and remember to breathe deeply… May your days be filled with joy, love and peace…