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We offer Conscious Un-Conditioning Energy sessions , readings, and mediumship by phone, skype and in person. Get relief in the comfort of your own home. Great success with people of all ages (C20151003_125417hildren through seniors) and pets.  We are available at several locations for personal sessions.   See the calendar for our schedule.  sign up for our monthly email to keep informed on updated offerings.


Conscious Un-Conditioning Energy Sessions-Distance or in Person

We can help! Let us assist you to move out the energetic blocks and/or limiting beliefs. Release the fear that is causing a restriction of flow or energy. This allows freedom of movement returning you to a state of harmony. Set Your Self FREE!

Possible Benefits to a Session include:

  • Release Physical Pain (without drugs)
  • Release Grief
  • Release Fear & Anxiety
  • Awaken Spiritual Gifts
  • Find Your Purpose
  • Access Your Inner Wisdom
  • Recover Personal Power
  • Find Inspiration & Creativity
  • an open heart
  • More Happiness
  • strong immune system
  • strong intuition and empathy
  • allergy relief
  • Create Healthy Relationships
  • Receive Clarity on Life Situations
  • Get Grounded & Clear Energy
  • Breakthrough of Old Patterns
  • Heal Physical & Emotional Trauma
  • Find Inner Peace, Love & Joy
  • Release Addictive Patterns
  • lift Depression
  • instant relief from Panic attacks
  • relief from physical and emotional trauma caused by car accidents
  • release insomnia..improve sleep
  • relief from restless leg syndrome
  • free yourself of Fibermyalgia and any other auto immune issues

Shuba and Chi create a dynamic team. Their male and female energies synergistically combine in insightful heart-centered readings and transformative healing sessions. They consciously activate your heart center and open blocked energy channels.

Shuba gets her logical mind out of the way and surrenders to Spirit which guides her moment by moment. In a session, Shuba may be supplying or removing energy, using various sounds and merging in consciousness. During the merging she can bring up unconscious beliefs and/or buried emotions that are creating energetic disturbances in the client’s energy field. She mirrors back and helps to transform your unacknowledged feelings, defenses and disowned parts of your psyche, thereby restoring harmony with new awareness.

Chi also does what Shuba does and utilizes his high frequency energy, profound insights, claircognizance and stable consciousness to create a safe place for deep transformation. These experiences open you to higher personal energy, releasing old behavior patterns and relieving you from emotional and/or physical pain. Often clients Awaken to their Spiritual Gifts or understanding of their Higher Purpose leading to feelings of inner peace, joy and fulfillment.

Call today and schedule a distance session via Phone or Skype.! A phone session from the privacy of your own home can be highly effective and liberating! Or you can do a Private session in person  in Portland Oregon, Neskowin Oregon,and Gleneden beach Oregon each month. Check Calender for other locations and times.

Healings & Readings Available. 503-801-4019

Animal Healings

As animal healers, we have been doing long distance and in person animal healing with dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc. regularly since 2000.  We live in the country and a stray cat came to our house. She was all beat up and scared with really bad asthma.  Shuba had helped her six year old son completely clear up his asthma, so she tried merging with the kitty processing her fear and giving her healing energy and it worked just as well. She did not want to give the cat steroids and or an inhaler and to this day both Shuba’s son and cat are asthma and steroid free. Shortly after that Shuba started working over the phone with dogs, cats and horses regularly.

Shuba checks in on the animals intuitively and surrenders to spirit to guide her in the distant animal healing. The extra energy Chi’s channels helps the animals to feel safe and heal more quickly. The animals love it and usually relax and release just like people. After the session please encourage your pet to stay hydrated as the blocked energy and toxins release for a few days.  They usually feel much lighter and happier. Does your animal need or deserve a healing? Schedule a session now!

Intuitive Readings

We offer healings, readings, and mediumship internationaly. We have shared our gifts in India, Australia, Singapore and Canada. See the calendar for our schedule. These same services are also available by phone and skype. We regularly offer sessions in Portland Oregon the central orgon Coast and Arcata California. We travel throughout the united States and abroad. sign up for our monthly email list you will be aware of the opportunities for you.

Readings with Chi

My intuitive readings begin with a 3-Step process that brings you into a grounded, connected, and centered place of “Being.” From this place we will ask for guidance on the direction of the session – whether it be a spiritual awakening, mental or emotional release, or a tarot card reading. In each session, you are lovingly and energetically supported in revealing what your Higher Guidance is gifting you in this moment.

Readings with Shuba

Intuitive readings are very interactive and lively. Shuba connects with each person’s Higher Self and surrenders to Spirit to receive information providing messages to the client. She receives guidance to help the client see their part of the situation and how to shift the energy for change for the Highest Good.


Shuba helps give messages from those who have crossed over. She merges with the deceased soul for authentic, heart-felt connections between dimensions. Read our mediumship testimonials.

Pricing and Payment

We are in service to bring in light, awaken consciousness and provide healing for the willing. A sliding Scale is available. We accept several forms of payment, including electronic payment. See our pricing and payment page for more details.