Animal Healings

Animal Healing - Cat

As animal healers, we have been doing long distance and in person animal healing with dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc. regularly since 2000.  We live in the country and a stray cat came to our house. She was all beat up and scared with really bad asthma.  Shuba had helped her six year old son completely clear up his asthma, so she tried merging with the kitty, processing her fear and giving her healing energy and it worked just as well. Shuba did not want to give the cat steroids and or an inhaler and to this day both Shuba’s son and cat are asthma and steroid free. Shortly after that Shuba started working over the phone with dogs, cats and horses regularly.

Shuba checks in on the animals intuitively and surrenders to spirit to guide her in the distant animal healings. The extra energy Chi’s channels helps the animals to feel safe and heal more quickly. The animals love it and usually relax and release just like people. Animal HealingAfter the session please encourage your pet to stay hydrated as the blocked energy and toxins release for a few days.  They usually feel much lighter and happier. Does your animal need or deserve a healing? Schedule a session now!

Animal Healings - Dogs