Distance Sessions

We are in a sea of energy that connects us instantly across distances. Have a session from the comfort of your own home. Are you anxious, stressed or in physical or emotional pain? Get relief now! Shuba and Chi connect consciously and Empathically with you and your energy.  They help you  remove energetic blocks and return you to a balanced, peaceful state.



Shuba and Chi can…

  • Empathically feel and release the layers in your energy field by merging with you and helping you process through them while supplying extra energy which allows deep profound healing to occur.
  • Access old buried feelings and beliefs and help release them
  • Assist in bringing you back to a state of peace and balance…Revitalized…
  • reconnect you with your deceased love ones .

Get relief quickly. Call and schedule a session right now. 503-801-4019. Phone, Skype and Facebook messenger sessions available.

D.D. Tempe, AZ
I was “STUCK!” — my business was not doing well and I was job hunting. I was frustrated and believed that I would never find an interesting job in a field that I’m passionate about where my experience and knowledge would be rewarded with challenges and financial opportunity.

Our session was on Friday — the session was intense and I felt that we really cleared a lot. Monday, I got a call from a company where I had applied online several months prior. I … started work the following Monday!