Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings


We have been offering healings, readings, and mediumship at The Crystal Wizard in Gleneden Beach  Oregon since 2001. We are there  as guest Intuitives in the future! See the calendar for our schedule. These same services are also available by phone, Skype or Facebook Messenger. We regularly offer sessions in Portland Oregon, Arcata, California and now in the Seattle, Washington area1 We travel to other places also!

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Readings with Chi

My intuitive readings begin with a 3-Step process that brings you into a grounded, connected, and centered place of “Being.” From this place we will ask for guidance on the direction of the session – whether it be a spiritual awakening, mental or emotional release, or a tarot card reading. In each session, you are lovingly and energetically supported in revealing what your Higher Guidance is gifting you in this moment.


Readings with Shuba

Intuitive readings are very interactive and lively. Shuba connects with each person’s Higher Self and surrenders to Spirit to receive information providing messages to the client. She receives guidance to help the client see their part of the situation and how to shift the energy for change for the Highest Good.


Readings are available in person,  phone or Skype. Call text or email..  to schedule your Intuitive Reading. 503-801-4019