Shuba embraces her gifts of empathy and surrender to embody the deceased members essence while bringing messages from the departed loved ones you wish to contact. She merges with the deceased soul for authentic, heart-felt connections between the now and hereafter dimensions.  She embodies the personality and it is more beneficial when you can see the expressions on her face and gestures that the deceased loved one uses in the communication.  It is usually quite lively and both the deceased and the one receiving the messages feel relieved and often healed through the communication with one another.

In Person and Skype sessions have been very effective in making powerful contacts with our departed loved ones. We also offer group Mediumship gatherings that are very helpful, informational and often delightfully entertaining.

Contact Shuba & Chidambaran about these and other opportunities for your Healing, Awakening and Liberating experiences…

D.H. Detroit Lake, OR
It was an incredible experience observing Sharon merged with my departed sister and allowing me to heal some unfinished contracts and release some deep pain.

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