Surrendering to the Divine

Sometimes This soul (Shuba) is surrendered to the divine and is misunderstood by others. It is hard to explain my gift and commitment to Self Surrender..I sat with questions about this …and the following is the reply I received and am sharing .

I heard…

Can you ever truly be free when you need to be understood or not judged?


You need freedom to be God’s Instrument.  Whether people understand or accept you.  True Freedom lies in absolute surrender to the Divine.  It can not be explained or understood by those who are residing in their egos.  Some may have an understanding, but not a belief from their own experience … so hard to comprehend.

Quit trying to get others to understand you. If you do not need approval or understanding your ability to surrender will increase and the dissolving process will quicken.  No need for anyone outside you to understand the process and trust God explicitly- will lead you to peace and harmony and Bliss.  Your path is unique to you and others have their paths.  Follow yours, do not worry about theirs or their reactions..Do you trust me?


I am always with you..I won’t let you falter.

I need your help Amma.

Does it matter if anyone else loves you or does not love you?


Do you love God? Amma?


Amma loves you unconditionally and will help you chop out-change all of your prior conditioning.

Freedom will come…Continue to Heal and go after what is important- Your Connection to the Divine..all else is business, mind splatter.

Trust..I am Guiding you and love you so much.