Please take a moment to view testimonials from our clients on our sessions and workshops:

N.W., Shamanic Healer Portland, OR
This is Life Experience, not a workshop! The setting provided a flowing foundation that allowed for the Universe to do the orchestration necessary to provide exactly what each of us needed! The perfect people I have been asking for, for ages and then- the release of issues I have spent 35 years trying to heal. I am at completeness now, for now and perfect for my destiny-next-step.

D.B. Santa Rosa, CA
Of all the energy and healing work I have done over the past several years, none have moved me forward toward my truth as much as my work with Sharon & Gary. Bless you both!

Kate CA
My relationship was fiery and explosive. I was finding my buttons being pushed in many situations around my family life. I was blaming all of the frustration I was experiencing on others. It was all exploding in my face when I made the call to Sharon & Gary to do a session. I was able to see that I was the source of the frustration and was recreating situations that were emotionally charged from my past. By clearing the emotions and thoughtforms that created the conflicts I have regained my peace and balance.