Workshop Testimonials

Please take a moment to view some testimonials from our Healing Sessions:

Pretty incredible! I was amazed at how many personal blocks and limits that I was able to breakthroughs. I look forward to what’s next!

– J. B, Vancouver, WA., PhD

I resist, I resist, I resist and then, Thank God, I open and release!

– P.P., Blue Lake, CA., Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist 

I released old fears, from my being, that were running my life. I feel more clear and open and ready to receive more love in my life! Thank you!

– V.B., Eugene, OR., Shamanic Healer & Natural Products Sales Representative

Thank you so much for allowing me to participate. The experiences are unique and the feelings are real. It’s amazing to learn the possibilities. I appreciate your kindness and concern for me and so many others. I’d love to find the ways to heal my children, self and friends. It’s so tough to come to grips with the live emotions, but I believe it’s worth it. Thanks again for all you have shared and helped me to find.

– Cindy E., Tigard, OR.

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I feel lighter, more calm, less stressed. That means a lot to me. I believe the effects will be far-reaching and that as a result, I shall attract a different caliber of relationship material. Thank you!

– M.M., Portland, OR.

If you want to find yourself and others, this class is a must!

– W.K., Lincoln City, OR.

I have never felt this relaxed. So amazing, ‘the power’s within’!

– A.M., Dallas, TX., Dentist

I appreciate what the healing process did for me and the changes it made for each of us in the group!

– A.D., Cloverdale, OR., Clinical Psychologist

This class has given me the confirmation that I need to continue my journey in discovering my spiritual gifts.

– Mary, Vancouver, WA.

Sharon & Gary have incredible gifts as healers and teachers. I have received more profound healing than any other time in my life! They are able to share their wisdom and vision in a way that is accessible to all people. They hold a beautiful space of love that touches everyone.

– J.H., Eureka, CA.

This is Life Experience, not a workshop! The setting provided a flowing foundation that allowed for the Universe to do the orchestration necessary to provide exactly what each of us needed! The perfect people I have been asking for, for ages and then- the release of issues I have spent 35 years trying to heal. I am a completeness now, for now and perfect for my destiny-next-step.

– N.W., Portland, OR., Shamanic Healer

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I have never felt so nurtured and honored by others, or myself! Thank you so much for providing the arena for phenomenal results! I look forward to a great future and great friends to share it with.

– Naomi, Olympia, WA.

This weekend I have gone to places within myself that I have been hiding from for a long time. Once I reached those places, healing was able to occur. I had better understanding about myself and who I am becoming. My gifts are coming to the surface. I feel light and full of love and gratitude!

– Ciara, Blue Lake, CA.

This work is for people that who are choosing to live their life fully and with sovereignty. By releasing the past, we make room for the love and light of All That Is to come through.

– L.C., Blue Lake, CA., Massage Therapist & Intuitive Healer

To my dear friends of light-

Greetings to you on this most wonderful morning of a new day in the life of us all. (I got a lot of sleep last night) I wanted to share with you my awareness of my present ‘condition’, which I know is directly tied to our Awakened Self intensive. I am unable to put a direct finger on the specifics without wallowing through old feelings that I have worked so hard to release and don’t serve me anyway. But I still am finding this hard to explain. There is an ‘ease and grace’ that is occurring around everything. Nearly predictable reactions to situations are just not occurring. I feel so much more empowered, but its different than what I was striving for that I thought it would be (I see now, Sharon, that it is just what I told my friend to allow for herself -We teach that which we most need to learn?) My need to explain so that I feel my thoughts have been fully conveyed I see still is in tact or just needs refining perhaps. So just for fun, I won’t indulge that urge this time. I really wanted to tell you how much old fear I released last weekend, and it truly weighs on us like an anchor at the bottom of our ocean. There is a tendency to look in retrospect and wonder why I was so afraid and how much easier everything could have been. But that is fleeting as I know everything is perfect and a process in motion. I am now recalling a not so smooth processing period after returning home, but that too is part of the full meal deal. And I am excited to clear even more in the future! I love this place!!!

I am so blessed to have you in my life, as I somewhere, somehow, asked for you along my path, so there you are. Enjoy your day – I will talk with you soon. Much love, peace, and light to you.

– Dena. Portland, OR.

Of all the energy and healing work I have done over the past several years, none have moved me forward toward my truth as much as my work with Sharon & Gary. Bless you both!

– D.B., Santa Rosa, CA.

I felt like it really did raise my vibration and open my heart! I received new tools. I feel as though my view of who I am has expanded!

– P.S., Blue Lake, CA., Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist

They worked me over pretty well. I came and saw energy moving.

– Casey O, Tigard, OR., Electrician