Updates from India

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January 7th

We loaded up and got on the buses this morning. We’re off on tour. It was sad to say goodbye to our dear friend Andressa and others. When Amma leaves many visitors disperse and go in many directions. Amma reminds us all the time of impermanence. Cling to the Permanent…the Divine.

Busses on India TourYesterday I had a wonderful surprise. I was in the pathway at the western canteen, I look and see Amma just walking towards me. I was lucky enough to get close and receive a big happy smile. It was Darshan without the hug. I was instantly happy, childlike and open hearted. It was so refreshing to just see her so spontaneously…unlike programs where it’s scheduled and hoards of people are vying for a touch or just to be near her unconditional love and pure energy.

We stopped in Cochin for breakfast at one of her many schools. It’s truly amazing how well organized and efficient it all is. Amma can feed so many people well and quickly. I am constantly in amazement and Awe. Hugs from India…

January 9th

The tour has been amazing so far.

Amma's Program IndiaOnly in India- The first night imagine a big hall full of people with Amma handing food out and everyone passing the plates full of food to the back of the hall until we all have a plate. It was like playing catch hand off. You had to stay alert and aware. It looked chaotic yet worked perfectly. Kind of like the driving.

We’ve participated in two morning pujas (ceremonial worship to balance negative influences from different planets). A hall full of people each with their own private lit oil lamps, camphor, burning incense and various other puja items on a chair in front of each person. Many of us have flowing clothes with scarves. It’s a miracle we didn’t catch on fire. I did manage to get tumeric on my white outfit while carrying a clay pot on my head on the way to the blessed Temple.

Chi and I are having a blast. Thanks to Jaggati I have my own personal mosquito tent that works great. I just pretend I’m in the forest. And the bathroom situation is working. Tomorrow we travel again to a new place where Amma has never been. It will be an all night event and the facilities are suppose to be much more difficult than these. We shall see…

The people here are all from villages. Very pure innocent and happy. We sat among a group yesterday and felt so welcomed. We get to help on stage with Amma and get to practice alertness over and over.

Sending much energy and love to all of you…

January 16th

We are at the 4th stop on the tour. We are in a town emanating strong female power. The second stop was a public program with massive crowds and she hugged all night long. She emerged awake and bright as ever after hugging 20,000 people or so. That alone is a miracle. She’s done this for 35 years.

The last stop was in Chennai. The venue (ashram) was right in the heart of the city. Chi and I took a rickshaw to buy a watch as our phones only have power occasionally. It was very crowded and dirty. The stage Amma was on and hall were small like a church basement. She felt so accessible and as if we were with her in the old days before the masses found her.Shuba and Chi India Selfie

Things are going well. When I find myself resisting any situation difficulty appears in my mind making me unhappy. I look at my reaction … go deep into the cause of it … feel it, let it go and surrender to the moment. Peace and happiness returns. I am mostly Happy. So grateful for the chance to practice surrender in many situations. I have had lots of auspicious experiences. Being in the perfect place at the right time. Amma’s Grace is flowing.

My new seva (service job) is flower petal assistant. I get to be on stage with Amma pulling petals off the old garlands that Amma wore. Drying them in the sun to be reused for pillows full of shakti. (Ammas divine energy).

I have to thank my deceased parents for preparing me for these intense situations. Thanks to my mom. I get ready in 5 minutes. There were 7 people in our household with one shower. Short showers! And thanks to my Dad for reinforcing not to let others upset you. He always said “That’s their problem” when we encountered difficult people. I feel so blessed to be able to sleep anywhere, eat anything and pee anywhere without squeamishness. These are traits that make tour easy.

Anyway..lots of personal growth, peace and gratitude. I also am realizing how little I need and can’t wait to go home and purge more collected crap. I admire the ingenuity and acceptance of the Indian people. Anyplace is a kitchen, washroom or bedroom. Adaptability. The people here are actually so much happier than most westerners with all of our conveniences. Lots to learn from them.

Big hugs…love Shuba.