Vibrational Awakenings

heart opening in the dome

This fun uplifting Gathering is our new Vibrational Awakening workshop. The class offers Sanskrit chanting, sounding, toning, movement, crystal bowl music, meditation and drumming. Empower your Voice, Recharge your Energy, Rejuvenate your Body, Purify Your Being with a  practice that Uplifts and Awakens You with greater Awareness of your Vibrational Energy!

Chanting and toning regularly can harmonize our body and mind to a higher vibration. These inner vibrations have a Purifying effect on us opening and clearing our energy centers while raising our Self awareness.  The practice also Clears our inner flute or Center Channel, awakening within us the higher vibrations on all levels of our being! This class teaches you practical vocal exercises with movement, drumming and meditation interspersed.  The practice  will encourage you to continue the process of Vibrational Awakening at home.
Get Recharged and bring home tools to maintain your high vibration throughout the week!

Empower your Voice, Awaken your Being, Rejuvenate your Energy and Nurture your Soul.

Contact Shuba & Chidambaran to about scheduling this Amazing and Empowering Class today at 503-801-4019.

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