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Accelerated Awakenings - Healing NowOpen your heart to Love, your mind to Oneness and your vibration to Light.

Embrace your personal Journey of Transformation through distance sessions (phone or Skype), personal healings, readings, workshops and retreats.

Accelerated Awakenings facilitates incredible breakthroughs with Conscious Un- conditioning. Healing your physical, mental and emotional selves.

We help you release old energies and conditioning which may limit you from experiencing the freedom of good health, love, joy and peace. Renewed energetic flow promotes a healthy mind, body and spirit which leads to overall positive change. Awaken your inner strength and innate gifts and abilities. Find your purpose and live empowered!

Free yourself from the past! The time is now. Dive in to discover your true essence !


Shuba and Chi


Welcome! We are here to serve you. With many years of experience, Shuba and Chi (Sharon and Gary) of Accelerated Awakenings, have been facilitating profound intuitive Healings, readings,mediumship, workshops, and retreats designed to awaken self-awareness and accelerate uplifting change in your life. They have been working together since 2001.

We invite you to join us and make a positive commitment to your personal growth and to a happier, healthier, more prosperous life. Learn more about Shuba and Chi.


What is Energy Healing?               Energy Ball-new-crop

Everything is Energy! (E=MC2)

Whether it is a particle, wave, solid, liquid or gas, it is all energy that is vibrating at different frequencies. In refrence to the human body, when these energies are disrupted, distorted, blocked or disharmonious the result is pain, disease or lethargy on some level of our being. Read More


Distance Healing

We are in a sea of energy that connects us instantly across distances. Have a session from the comfort of your own home. Are you anxious, stressed or in physical or emotional pain? Get relief now! Shuba and Chi connect consciously and Empathically with you and your energy.  They remove energetic blocks and return you to a balanced, peaceful state.

Shuba and Chi can…

  • Empathically feel and release the layers in your energy field
  • Access old buried feelings and beliefs
  • Assist in bringing you back to a state of peace and balance…Revitalized…

Get relief quickly. Call and schedule a session right now. 503-801-4019. Phone, Skype or facebook messenger sessions available.

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Vibrational Tools

Use these chants and guided meditations to help you quiet your mind and raise your vibration. If you want more, be sure to sign up for one of our classes or retreats!

To chant along with this online press play. To download the files, right click on the link and click “save link as.”

      Om AhOm Whom Chant

Download Link:Om AhOm Whom Chant

To chant along with this online press play. To download the files, right click on the link and click “save link as.”

      The Awakening Process

Download Link:The Awakening Process