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Energy Clearings for Your Home and Office!

      We are available in person or virtually, to perform reliable energy clearings. Together, we'll feel and transform the energy throughout your home, office, or land, removing any discordant energy and negative vibes from the space. We will ensure your space is free from lingering negative energy, leaving it fresh, vibrant, and revitalized.
      If you're moving into a new space, let us remove the energy of previous owners, allowing you to start anew in an energetically cleansed environment.
      If you're trying to sell your home and it's not moving, we will provide a clearing and intuitive insights on what may be blocking the sale. By removing old energies and starting fresh, we'll enhance the chances of a successful sale.

Moreover, we don't just clear the energy; we empower you with tips and guidance on maintaining the positive vibration and energy after we complete the clearing.       

      Together, we'll ensure your space remains harmonious and uplifting for the long term.
      Our virtual clearing sessions are convenient and effective.
       To get started,  provide us with a basic blueprint of the home or office. It can also be helpful if you can be present in the space that requires clearing. We will guide you through the process, providing an immersive and personalized experience.
       Pricing for house clearings varies based on the size and time required for the clearing process. With a starting point of $350.00, We offer competitive rates to make our services accessible to all.
       Don't let negative energy hold you back. Experience the transformative power of Accelerated Awakening energy clearings today.

       Contact us to schedule your session and enjoy the peace and ease of your new environment.

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