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Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship

Intuitive Readings

 Together or Individually

Readings with Chi

      My intuitive readings begin with a 3-Step process that brings you into a grounded, connected, and centered place of “Being.” From this place, I will ask for guidance on the direction of the session – whether it be a spiritual awakening, mental or emotional release, or a tarot card reading.

     I also take into consideration your intention for the reading and any specific questions you may have. 


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     In each session, your Higher Guidance provides insights to give you clarity, in the present moment.

Readings with Shuba

      My Intuitive readings are very interactive and lively. I connect with each person’s Higher Self and surrender to Spirit to receive information providing messages and direction. 

      I receive guidance to help you make decisions. I can also see your part in situations and can see how to shift the energy. I can help to clear the blocks out of the way for a smooth outcome. I intuitively read you with or without tarot Cards. You choose.


Introducing Shuba: Facilitating Authentic Connections with Departed Souls
     Unlock a profound dimension of communication as Shuba bridges the gap between worlds. She merges with the deceased soul for authentic, heartfelt connections between dimensions. With her remarkable mediumship abilities, she acts as a conduit for messages from those who have crossed over. Witness heart-felt connections and experience the authenticity of each interaction.

Mediumship Testimonials

It was an incredible experience observing Sharon merged with my departed sister and allowing me to heal some unfinished contracts and release some deep pain.
D.H., Detroit Lake, OR

It was amazing how accurate Sharon was- embodying my departed friends and even getting their names. She gave me several important messages that they wanted me to know.
C.A., Salem, OR

I’m a hospice worker and I received numerous messages of gratitude for my help in the many transitions I assisted. This made a huge impact on me and my continued work.
H.K., Salem, OR

Thank you for helping me reconnect with my child that I lost in childbirth. It helped me overcome some of my deep grief.
D.A., Tacoma, WA.

Alexa Young, CA

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