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Awakening Your Heart

      Join us in an experiential workshop that will open you to the subtle energies of your heart, expand your experience of intimacy and enrich your compassion.

      Studies have proven that the energies created by the heart are 1000 times greater than those created by the mind.

      Our unique process guides you inward illuminating the protective layers of your heart. You will be assisted in breaking down conditioning, releasing stuck energy, and transmuting it.

      The powerful impact of this group process opens the heart, strengthens your empathic self, enhancing your compassion which allows your heart to break open. You will learn techniques enabling you to continue the process.
      This experience provides a Personal Heart-Opening Awakening, effective energy exercises, and connection to your empathic compassionate self.

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Awakening Your Heart Testimonials

I resist, I resist, I resist and then, Thank God, I open and release!

– P.P., Blue Lake, CA., Yoga Instructor & Massage Therapist 


I appreciate what the healing process did for me and the changes it made for

each of us in the group!

– A.D., Cloverdale, OR., Clinical Psychologist


I released old fears, from my being, that were running my life. I feel more clear and open and ready to receive more love in my life! Thank you!

– V.B., Eugene, OR., Shamanic Healer & Natural Products Sales Representative

Thank you for helping me reconnect with my child that I lost in childbirth. It helped me overcome some of my deep grief.
D.A., Tac
oma, WA.
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