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Night Of Transformation... Group Mini-Retreat

Experience a Night of Transformation - an immersive and empowering healing gathering!

      Join Shuba and Chidambaran, along with other participants, for a truly transformative and enjoyable overnight event.

       Through the power of group work, we create an environment where everyone can heal from shared pains, uncover and release layers of unresolved issues, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.

       Our mini-retreat offers a deep dive into your unconscious, allowing you to confront and let go of buried pain.

      The collective energy of the group fosters a profound sense of compassion and empathy, amplifying the healing experience.

During this overnight gathering, we will provide:

  • Sleeping space for one night.

  • Nourishing vegetarian meals and snacks

  • Two transformative Group Healing sessions

  • Guided meditations to promote relaxation and self-reflection

  • Energetic support to manifest your intentions

  • Engaging Drumming Circle experience

  • Unleashing incredible breakthroughs

  • Moments of emotional release including laughter and joy

  • The impact of this event is long-lasting, creating positive shifts in your life.

      To ensure an intimate and focused experience, our retreats are limited to 10 people. If you are interested in joining us for this group night of transformation, kindly let us know and reserve your spot today.

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