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Healing Sessions

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Healing Sessions- Conscious Un-Conditioning -The Energetic Healing Modality, Accelerated             Awakenings uses to clear your Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual issues.

      We accumulate conditioning throughout our Lives. We help to release and remove the conditioning.
       Release the fear and trauma stored in your body, opening up to more flow and awareness.
We are a dynamic team. Our male and female energies synergistically combine creating transformative healing sessions. We consciously activate your heart center and open blocked energy channels. You can also schedule a private session with either one of us.
        I (Shuba) get my logical mind out of the way and surrender to Spirit which guides me moment by moment. In a session, I may be supplying or removing energy, using various sounds, and merging in consciousness.

        During the merging, I can bring up unconscious beliefs and/or buried emotions that are creating energetic disturbances in your energy field. I mirror it back and help you feel it and release it.  This helps to transform your unacknowledged feelings, defenses, and disowned parts of your psyche, thereby restoring harmony with new awareness.
        I (Chi) also do what Shuba does and utilize my high-frequency energy, profound insights, claircognizance, and stable consciousness to create a safe place for profound transformation. These experiences open you to higher personal energy, releasing old behavior
 patterns and relieving you from emotional and or physical pain.
       A virtual session from the privacy of your own home can be highly effective and liberating. We offer private sessions in Person in Humboldt County California. Home of the beautiful Redwoods. We also travel extensively and may be in a town or country near you.

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Possible Benefits of Conscious Un-Conditioning Healing Sessions include:

  • Release Physical Pain (without drugs)

  • Release Grief

  • Release Fear & Anxiety

  • Awaken Spiritual Gifts

  • Find Your Purpose

  • Access Your Inner Wisdom

  • Recover Personal Power

  • Find Inspiration & Creativity

  • An open heart

  • More Happiness

  • Strong immune system

  • Strong intuition and empathy

  • Allergy relief

  • Create Healthy Relationships

  • Receive Clarity on Life Situations

  • Get Grounded & Clear Energy

  • Breakthrough of Old Patterns

  • Heal Physical & Emotional Trauma

  • Find Inner Peace, Love & Joy

  • Release Addictive Patterns

  • Lift Depression

  • Instant relief from Panic attacks

  • Relief from physical and emotional trauma caused by car accidents

  • Release insomnia. Improve sleep

  • Relief from restless leg syndrome

  • Free yourself of Fibromyalgia and any other autoimmune issues

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Healing Testimonials

My 4-year-old daughter woke up shaking and couldn’t breathe very well! We called Sharon(Shuba) and Gary(Chi) in the very early morning and they were able to help remove the fear and congestion in her lungs and she was able to breathe and settle down enough to fall asleep. The next day we followed up with another phone session to help remove more of her lung congestion and she is doing much better. We live in a rural area and a trip to the emergency room was not quick enough.
– T.M., N. California

Sharon & Gary — A note to share with you my experience after our last phone session. I was “STUCK!” — my business was not doing well and I was job hunting. I was frustrated and believed that I would never find an interesting job in a field that I’m passionate about where my experience and knowledge would be rewarded with challenges and financial opportunities.
Our session was on Friday — the session was intense and I felt that we really cleared a lot. Monday, I got a call from a company where I had applied online several months prior. I vaguely remembered submitting the application and told the recruiter that I didn’t remember the job description. He invited me to interview for the job the next day (Tuesday), and I accepted — if for nothing else, to practice interviewing.    The interview went well, and after an hour, the recruiter excused himself from the room. When he returned, he asked if I would be interested in a different position that more closely matched my experience and pay requirements. I met with the Executive Director for an hour, and that interview went well, too. An hour later, I received a job offer and started work the following Monday! My new job is great! It’s full of challenges and opportunities, with great pay, a great work environment, and a corporate mission and business philosophy that are a perfect fit for me. Thanks for your help and for all you do!
With love, D.D., Tempe, AZ
If I were to be asked who the most influential person or persons have been in my life, I would without hesitation say Sharon(Shuba) and Gary(Chi). Gary and Sharon’s inexhaustible love, acceptance, and incredible gift of healing have forever changed my life. Every time I have a healing session with Sharon and Gary, I release so much deeply buried anger, shame, frustration, guilt, and grief that prevent me from being my true self. Sharon has an uncanny ability to merge with people and literally pull out all that toxic sludge, using herself as a messenger of Spirit. Gary is the purest conduit of Reiki energy that I have ever met and has a remarkable ability to articulate such wise words that provide transformational insight. I can not say enough of Gary and Sharon! I am incredibly blessed to have them as my brother and my sister. I have never felt so loved and lovable as I do when I am with them.
– N.Y., Portland, OR

My relationship was fiery and explosive. I was finding my buttons being pushed in many situations around my family life. I was blaming all of the frustration I was experiencing on others. It was all exploding in my face when I made the call to Sharon & Gary to do a session. I was able to see that I was the source of the frustration and was recreating situations that were emotionally charged from my past. By clearing the emotions and thought forms that created the conflicts I have regained my peace and balance.
– Kate, CA.

Sunny’s Healing

Sunny, 2 ½ at the time, and diagnosed as autistic, was very distant. He didn’t make eye contact with anyone or notice other kids at the ark or seem to care where I was (his Mother). He was insensitive to pain and a daredevil. He would not seek comfort when he was hurt. He would pick at any little scratch or scab on his body until it would become a much bigger sore. He couldn’t speak any English words and was often frustrated and unhappy.
After two 1-hour sessions with Sharon & Gary, Sunny changed immediately. He is ‘here’ with us much of the time. He makes eye contact with me and most of the time with others. He notices and plays with other kids at the park and is aware of where I am all of the time. Sunny is much more cautious and when he does get hurt, he cries normally and comes to me for comfort. He stopped picking at this body immediately and never resumed. He is starting to say a couple of words and he is much happier.
Sharon & Gary made a dramatic change in Sunny’s life and everyone who knows him notices. Especially me! I am very thankful!
Sincerely, Christina J, Douglas City, CA.


 I couldn’t move my neck and had no feeling in my arm and fingers. I had an MRI which revealed two crushed neck vertebrae and the Dr. recommended surgery. After one session with Sharon & Gary, I regained the feeling in my arm and all of the pain was gone.
– C.O., Tigard, OR.

After 2 years of ovary pain, multiple doctor examinations, and boxes of pain medication I found total relief.
– T.B., Seattle, WA.

I accessed and let go of deep emotional trauma fast!
– K.S., Portland, OR.
I had 3 strokes and after my sessions, my left eye no longer droops. My left arm feels as if it is awakening with a tingling sensation. I am now able to sign my name without error and my speech and improved tremendously.
– L.C., Dallas, TX.

I had been to a chiropractor for 2 years and most recently 3 times a week without relief. However, one short treatment with Sharon & Gary eliminated the pain and I now feel relief!
– A.S., Portland, OR.

When I got my Scoliosis test last year, they told me that my hip was slightly raised. They wanted me to go to the Doctor to check it out. I did some healing work with Sharon & Gary over the phone that showed me that I had some problems with my Dad. I later went to the Doctor for a regular check-up and asked them about the hip alignment. The Doctor said that they were now aligned and there was no problem.
– A.B., Silverdale, WA.

I had called in sick for work because of a severe migraine headache. I was completely light-sensitive and was repeatedly vomiting. In desperation, I called Sharon & Gary. They helped me get in touch with the anger at the root of the migraine and clear it. After an hour and ½, I completely recovered. I returned to work that same afternoon.
– T.B., Poulsbo, WA., Intuitive Healer & Reiki Master

I had been in a car accident where my car had been hit from behind. This left me with my neck frozen from the whiplash. I went to numerous Doctors and Chiropractors including the University of Washington Medical Center for over a year and a half. After 2 sessions with Sharon & Gary, where they helped me to relive the trauma of the accident, I felt the energy clear. My neck was free to move again and after a couple of weeks, I had full range of movement with no pain.
– T.S., Seattle, WA.

Every session, I grow closer to my true self. Today I’ve flown to a place I thought never existed. There are no words to say thank you for this healing!
– R.K., Pacific City, OR.

I was having major problems at work including being written up by my supervisor this past week. My supervisor was extremely emotional and unprofessional in the matter as she reprimanded me. I decided to do some work on this situation over the weekend. After 2 sessions with Sharon & Gary, I released some deep anger and some childhood issues with my Mom. I returned to work with a new attitude. Amazingly everything had changed with my superintendent and all of the differences we were experiencing had disappeared. She threw away my reprimand and we were now working together like old friends.
– L.B., CA., Elementary School Principal

Alexa Young, CA

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